Realistic arts in India


Realistic ArtWhen we are creating arts on real object like place,scenes, people and situations and must be exist in the which is look like as same from the real object its know as Realistic Art. The artists of the Realistic art are well traind to capture the real sences and the emotions of the people of the place.

In india there are too many and experienced artist of realistice art because it’s the country of various color and regions The domous art gallery present that’s type of art in its gallery. You can also see our product and art online in India  also to visit


Beautiful art gallery of delhi



Beautyful art gallery of Delhi is presented by the Delhi is an rich traditional city and the landscape of the delhi is too beautiful that why it’s is an ideal city for artisit or art gallery. There is lots of art gallery and exhibition center but domusartgallery one of the best art gallery in all over India. Domusartgallery organized lot of exhibition to realleted to art gallery. They always’s have a unique art and craft selection

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Domus Art Gallery
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New Delhi-110024. INDIA.
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Indian Art Gallery



There is a only one place where artist show their talent and the painting and the art display for viewing on a large scale it’s an Art Gallery. Sometimes they also referred some art of painting to art museums. You can see lot of painting and the real art example in a Art Gallery. There are many Art Gallery in the world.

World’s no 1 art gallery is in Paris and called “The Louvre” but in India most viewing Gallery is Indian Art Gallery. In the world it’s represent India Because it’s is one of the best Gallery of the India.

Fire alarm system offered by


Fire alarm system we all know about it and how its help us that’s too. Fire alarm system is became basics need in our offices, houses, shops etc. its save our life and our good and property too. In case of firing its automatic generates noise and spread water on automatically on the accident site. We don’t need to worry and don’t need to run away just need to check the condition of the situation. Srpa Pvt.Ltd is India’s best company of security safety system or alarm system it’s provide always best item in the market at very affordable cost for more detail please visit our site

Ear surgery in India By


Cochlear_ImplantEar surgery in India it’s become too easy and affordable now. Kaizenworld brought it in India at affordable cost. When someone lost his/her hearing ability or proudly deaf. In this case we are using various methods for this. Like cosmetic surgery or other thing but the common and effective surgery is we used an electronic device as surgically implement which provide a sense of sound we can call this device is an bionic ear. Kaizenworld is an medical tourism company which is always trying to giving its best in medical tourism sector.


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Affordeble Alarm & Security system At Delhi


In today’s world crime and criminal are increase day by day. Cops are try to stop them but they didn’t get success. If we all watch all this unwanted activity so I think we can get success but that not possible because everybody are too busy In their life. In this situation we have to take help of security guard for office or home but everyone can’t afford them. In this case you have only 1 choice that you used security alarm system that is one time investment or it affordable too. security alarm is became basic need now. Cause if we hired a security guard they can take guarantee for unwanted activity they can’t inform to large circle of people at the time but security alarm system can do it easily and it’s save everything without any damage. SRPA PVT LTD is an world class security system or alarm providing company. Which is dealing on international level and providing you best system for more detail please visit our site