Indian art painting



admin-largeimages-2u08u1999egmq2hefx2esyr45furoyp45The first miniature paintings on palm leaves, which survives from the 10th century and 14th century the role of images with text in manuscripts and illustrations of religious mythological epics. With the arrival of the Mongols in the mid-16th century, the subjects of the miniature paintings included portraits, court scenes, flora and fauna. The Rajput (Rajasthan) and Pahari (in Punjab Hills) courts, the paintings remained poetry, ancient legends, mythology and religious states of mind to live and love the change of seasons bring. The focus was on creating an atmosphere of communication and bhava (emotion) through a rich and lyrical style. Artists worked together on karkhanas (workshops) often together at one table; specializing in composition and drawing, while others were colorful teachers. The most notable of the traditions of miniature painting in India during the Mughal, Rajasthani, Pahari and Deccan.


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