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Standard is presented Indian Art Gallery, Indian paintings, abstract art, realistic art, surrealistic art, that the most viewed art of the world which is presented in India. in this gallery you can found lots of art which may be too old or something that belong to the future. this is the one of the known gallery in the Indian market . For more detail visit our site here admin-largeimages-5u32u3399d0nmzkiob2lybwml0155cz45 admin-largeimages-2u08u1999egmq2hefx2esyr45furoyp45 Realistic Art roby


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Domusartgallery options new art works and exhibitions by skilled artists likewise as proficient rising artists. Domusartgallery has taken special efforts to document the contribution created by previous masters to Indian art. \”Art Exchange\” is that the market created by Indiaart that permits art collectors to shop for and sell art. Artists will show and sell their paintings, sculptures, prints and alternative art works. Indiaart appearance forward to partnering with artists, sculptors, photographers, art colleges, art galleries, art museums, instructor, business artists and designers to undertake distinctive and meaningful  art comes.

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online art galleryDomus Art Gallery is an online gallery of art which guided selling original paintings by talented artist. All our paintings are original paintings gallery. If you are looking for abstract art, realistic art, surrealistic art art gallery online that give a platform where you can get in touch with your favorite artist. We encourage artists from different places. You can submit your art in the gallery and connect with the artist who wants his art. You can buy art events from a wide range of topics including landscape paintings, abstract paintings, floral art and oil and watercolor art. You can search our art for sale by style, price and size. Online Art Gallery helps find quality artwork for your home or office fans. You can find original paintings by talented artists.

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admin-largeimages-2u08u1999egmq2hefx2esyr45furoyp45The first miniature paintings on palm leaves, which survives from the 10th century and 14th century the role of images with text in manuscripts and illustrations of religious mythological epics. With the arrival of the Mongols in the mid-16th century, the subjects of the miniature paintings included portraits, court scenes, flora and fauna. The Rajput (Rajasthan) and Pahari (in Punjab Hills) courts, the paintings remained poetry, ancient legends, mythology and religious states of mind to live and love the change of seasons bring. The focus was on creating an atmosphere of communication and bhava (emotion) through a rich and lyrical style. Artists worked together on karkhanas (workshops) often together at one table; specializing in composition and drawing, while others were colorful teachers. The most notable of the traditions of miniature painting in India during the Mughal, Rajasthani, Pahari and Deccan.

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Realistic ArtWhen we are creating arts on real object like place,scenes, people and situations and must be exist in the which is look like as same from the real object its know as Realistic Art. The artists of the Realistic art are well traind to capture the real sences and the emotions of the people of the place.

In india there are too many and experienced artist of realistice art because it’s the country of various color and regions The domous art gallery present that’s type of art in its gallery. You can also see our product and art online in India  also to visit

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Beautyful art gallery of Delhi is presented by the Delhi is an rich traditional city and the landscape of the delhi is too beautiful that why it’s is an ideal city for artisit or art gallery. There is lots of art gallery and exhibition center but domusartgallery one of the best art gallery in all over India. Domusartgallery organized lot of exhibition to realleted to art gallery. They always’s have a unique art and craft selection

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